Drawing Viewer with Markup & Linking Capabilities

Drawing Viewer with Markup & Linking Capabilities

Effortlessly manage, view, and organize ongoing revisions to construction drawings with advanced markup and linking software.

Interactive Markup and Linking to Keep Your Team Aligned

Upload, share, and revise drawings throughout the project. Anyone with approval can add annotations and markups, allowing experts to quickly share information with the whole team.

  • Organize by Drawing Type

    Group drawings by discipline, location, and revision number, allowing you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

  • Use Markup Tools to Compare Between Versions

    Overlay newer and older versions of drawings within the markups tool to easily tell what has been changed—and when. Leave markups that attach to both versions of the drawings so your team can preserve important project data.

  • Add Customizable Markup & Annotations

    Draw and type directly on the drawing. Link that markup to any other document or section within ProjectSight, including model views, permits, and building materials. You can also tag individuals or teams to notify those who will be impacted by the changes.

  • Clean Up Annotations & Markup Management

    Use the layers panel tool to see markups that apply only to the area of the project you need.

  • Track Markups & Updates

    Label current and outdated drawings and create locked documents that cannot be edited, preventing unapproved changes from slipping into the project.

Markup & Linking software FAQ's

All construction drawings contain a general outline of the rooms, but inclusion of additional details depends on the drawing’s purpose. For example, a drawing for the electrical system has all of the building’s wiring drawn in—but none of the plumbing. Each discipline (plumbing, electrical, structural) often has its own drawing with relevant information.

Markups are textual notes, arrows, or other indicators left on a drawing noting that a change is needed. Often, the markup needs further explanation to clarify the need for the change and how it will impact the project—which is why ProjectSight’s linking tools are so useful.

Construction drawings contain the overall specifications for your project. They are the documents needed to obtain permits, plan a general budget, and start acquiring materials. A shop drawing is a detailed map of the project that only focuses on a particular area. For instance, a construction drawing might show an elaborate staircase in the lobby of a building, while the shop drawing has the design of all of the detailed woodworking that will be part of it.

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