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    Increase productivity and reduce construction errors with our mobile app.

Project Data at Your Fingertips

Our easy-to-use interface is tailored to the needs of field teams and subcontractors. The ProjectSight mobile app syncs with the web project and portfolios to ensure data integrity.

Create and Update Punch Items

Ensure construction project work is complete and accurate to contract specifications to avoid costly mistakes.

field mobile app for construction drawing

Access Up-to-date Drawings and Revisions

Proactively catch and resolve construction issues by ensuring immediate access to critical decision-making information such as drawings, submittals, documents and specifications.

Flexibility on the Construction Site

Keep your office, field team and subcontractors connected with the most up-to-date project information and details.

Save Time

Quickly and easily update project information in the field to reduce duplicate data entry.

Capture Photos and Video

Capture job site photos and videos to illustrate any issues to be resolved.

Create Punch Items

Quickly and easily record, edit and resolve punch items from the field.

Punch Item iPhone

Offline Capabilities

Work offline and sync your data when get broadband network.

Access Drawings and Plans

View all project drawings and plans from the field including revisions in real-time.

Improve Communications

Share comments and add new pictures or resolution descriptions. Assign due dates and tasks.

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Work better and faster

Connect your office and field teams in real time and make your field teams more productive with easy-to-use mobile tools.

Available on iPad

Bring the flexibility and productivity of ProjectSight's cloud-based construction project management software to the job site on your iPad.

Offline Capabilities

Don't have Wi-Fi or a mobile network? No problem. Work offline and sync your data when get on a broadband network.

Complete Visibility

Absolute visibility into RFIs, submittals as they are created and resolved to reduce potential rework.

Improve Communications

Quickly and efficiently capture and view daily report information while tracking issues and managing subcontractors.

Access Files and Drawings

Never be without the latest files and drawings while on the job site and always have the latest details at your fingertips.

"If I can cut out one site visit where I am missing a document and need to return to the office to get it this is proving an efficiency gain."
Kim Smith
Project Manager
"[The app] ensures I have access to the correct drawings and revisions so that I have the information available to me so that I can make informed decisions regarding what is to be built."
John Williams
Project Engineer

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