Visualize BIM Models with Trimble Connect Browser & Model Viewer

Visualize BIM Models with Trimble Connect Browser & Model Viewer

Access Trimble Connect data and view Building Information Models (BIM).

Connect to project data and 3D models from anywhere.

ProjectSight provides direct access to Trimble Connect data, including BIM, for all collaborators, from owners to subcontractors.

  • Tie Models to Project Records

    Link 3D views to project management records such as RFIs, submittals, and action items for reference.

  • Attach Files and Notes to Enhance Models

    Pin files, to-dos, or URLs to specific objects within a model to provide detailed instructions or important information related to that object.

  • Take Precise Measurements

    Use the measurement tools in Trimble Connect for Browser’s 3D viewer to gauge distances in the 3D view. You can get the position of a single point, measure the distance between two points, or chart perpendicular distances between objects.

  • Add Markups for Effective Communication

    A variety of tools allow you to highlight objects and add text within the 3D view. Incorporate lines, arrows, clouds, colors, freehand drawings, or textual notes with ease.

  • View Multiple Models

    Open and review several models at the same time, allowing you to compare structural data against MEP and others.

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