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Construction Specifications Management Software

Complementing ProjectSight's existing Drawings module, the Specifications Management Module allows you to upload, review, publish and view your project specifications.

A Tool for Stellar Construction Specifications

Being very specific about the work that needs to be done is crucial in construction. Project managers use construction specifications to do this and, when done well, they save time and reduce errors.

Designed with a Focus on Efficiency

The Specification Management module automates some of the most time-consuming aspects of managing specs.

Upload & Index

Smart OCR: Using OCR technology, ProjectSight scans uploaded specification documents and automatically splits them based on construction divisions and spec sections.


Simplified: ProjectSight's search feature has been enhanced to include filtering based on link spec sections. Simply select the desired Spec Sections and ProjectSight will locate all associated records.

Review & Publish

Collaborative accuracy: Each section can then be collaboratively reviewed for accuracy prior to publication. New and revised sections are automatically identified, and obsolete sections can be removed when needed.

Versioning Control

Always current: When spec sections are published, ProjectSight maintains the 'current set' of specifications, superseding older versions and marking the new spec sections as current. The entire project team is notified to ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Single-click linking: Once specifications have been published, ProjectSight's linking feature can be used to reference spec sections from any process throughout the project. These links can then be accessed with a single click, jumping the user straight to the referenced spec section. As new versions of the specifications are uploaded, ProjectSight ensures that links always direct the user to the latest version of the spec.

Create a Smart, Digital Process for your Project

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