Stumbling Along the Paper Trail
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Kellen Blassingame

There’s a lot to like about today’s lightweight apps and mobile technologies. Unfortunately, firm control and rigorous, standardized documentation is not always among the reasons to celebrate. For Project Managers, the proliferation of apps used on projects can make it pretty challenging when the time comes for going back into history to uncover a paper trail.

All kinds of questions arise that could potentially be documented in multiple systems: Who authorized this work? When did the mechanical team get the revised plan? How many safety warnings have we issued this year? Without a central hub for these communications, finding the right answer could potentially distract the PM team for hours. We believe that the answer lies in having a single, simple but flexible system. If the system is simple enough, all stakeholders and contribute. If it’s flexible enough, staff and subcontractors won’t need to use other 3rd party apps. For the Project Manager, this means faster time-to-answers and restored control of projects.

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