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Kellen Blassingame

Kellen Blassingame

Creating and resolving punch items can be challenging on large, complex worksites. Sometimes half the work is in either carefully noting or tracking the location of where the work needs to happen.

With ProjectSight, it’s a breeze to document your punch list, manage and communicate the defects and get your teams to closeout the issues efficiently. Just flag the punch items directly on your shared drawings. All parties including Owners, Supers, PMs and Trades can further communicate and collaborate using the drawings as a shared base for dialog.

To get started, select Punch option from the Quick Link menu in the annotation toolbar:

1. Place the Punch Item’s push-pin in the floor plan, then select an existing punch item, or choose create a new item.

2. If you linked an existing punch item, you’re done! If you’re creating a new one, fill out the punch item details and hit send when you’re done. Don’t forget to assign the punch item to the responsible party, and use the quick search filter to choose from a list of common punch conditions!

3. Your markup, drawing and Punch Item are all linked and ready for review! If you added assignments to your Punch Item, they will receive instant notifications and be able to respond using ProjectSight’s website, ProjectSight Mobile, or by simply responding to the email notification. ProjectSight’s combined level of detail and simplicity makes managing your punch list easier than ever.

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