ProjectSight with Trimble Construction One takes the headache out of managing paperwork and logistics so you can focus on the job site. Digital documentation and mobile uploads streamline overseeing personnel, safety, and the attached paperwork.

Onboarding paperwork

Hiring can be a time-consuming process, with lots of paperwork to manage — from new employee forms to licenses, CDLs, and photocopies of ID cards. Then there’s the time it takes to get all those documents from the job site to the main office, not to mention showing orientation videos and delivering safety instructions to new workers.

ProjectSight solves paperwork challenges by bringing onboarding tasks online — so applicants can complete their paperwork before they set foot in the office.

Paper timecards

A construction site is a long way from an office building, and paper time cards don’t do as well in the dirt and weather as in a climate-controlled office. Smudged ink, coding the wrong phase, and lost time cards can cause all kinds of headaches. And when a project gets big enough, you might find you are filling out dozens of nearly identical timecards.

ProjectSight’s digitized time card features let you track work with ease, eliminating the need to enter duplicate information.

Fragmented communication

You have a lot to track. Ensuring everyone is present for safety meetings, keeping the project manager up to date on materials, and filling out daily reports, just to name a few. With dozens of workers on a job site, it’s hard to keep everyone in the loop.

ProjectSight allows you to communicate essential information to everyone on the project — whether they’re in the office or the field.

Streamline digital onboarding

ProjectSight with Trimble Construction One allows you to do the entire onboarding process from a phone or tablet. Workers can securely fill out and file their papers before they arrive on site. New hires can also watch the required safety videos on their device, and upload a photo of their ID, journeyman license, and CDL. The main office gets this instantly for approval — and your new worker can get out on the job that much sooner.

Easily track digital time cards

You can use a phone or tablet for digital time cards with ProjectSight. Put in the crew’s time entries and tie the group to the right phase or task, instead of having to fill in the information on each form. There’s also an option to let workers track their own time on-site.

Communicate once to reach everyone

On the job site and in the main office, ProjectSight makes it easy to get information to the right people. Use a tablet to have workers sign in for safety talks and have those verifications sent wherever you need them. You can also send live updates to project managers so they can see the people, costs, and progress of the project.

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