Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Overseeing construction projects is a juggling act. From tracking vendor pricing to managing team meetings, Trimble Construction One with ProjectSight lets you connect, communicate, and delegate with tools that work together.

Lack of project visibility

When project owners, managers, and CFOs don’t have a clear picture of ongoing projects, managing company budgets and time is nearly impossible. Poor communication can lead to everything from under-purchased materials to outdated budgets. 

With ProjectSight, you’ll gain clear visibility across the project with access to any information you need — and updates go out instantly.

Poor communication workflow

Following a standard workflow can take a lot of time when messages must pass from person to person. A subcontractor sends a question to the contractor, who submits an RFI to the architect, who asks the consultant — turning the search for a simple “yes” or “no” into a full day’s work.

ProjectSight notifies relevant parties at every step of the process, ensuring clear communication of important information.

No job site connection

Without a way to update your team about changes on the ground, communication delays can become a real problem. A lack of connection between mobile and office-based tools can lead to major communication issues and data discrepancies. 

With the Trimble Construction One app, you can share and receive information from the office or the job site, instantly.

Create visibility across projects

ProjectSight lets you configure and pull reports and dashboards for high-level visibility into all your projects. Anyone in your company with the proper permissions can track any aspect of a project — that way, the CFO always knows the cost, and the project manager knows the material order went through.

Streamline your communication workflow

Connecting your teams with tools that work together drives accountability and collaboration. With ProjectSight, a subcontractor can tag anyone within the system to get their question answered — skipping the middleman.

Connect from anywhere

As long as you have a mobile signal, Trimble Construction One’s app lets you update information as it happens. The cloud-based system uses a single, secure data source and lets you manage users and licensing from one place.

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