Manage Requests for Information (RFIs) Software

Manage Requests for Information (RFIs) Software

Stay on schedule when you keep RFIs all in one place.

Make RFIs easier to manage.

When RFIs get lost and go unanswered, progress slows to a halt. Ensure that the right people can quickly access and respond to RFIs, speeding your project and reducing the potential for errors and rework.

  • Stay Organized

    See every RFI on a project in a single pane and organize according to date issued, current status, importance, and category.

  • Assign Questions to the Right People

    Tag specific individuals when you submit an RFI and set the due date for a response. You can also choose to send courtesy copies of the request to other stakeholders.

  • Track Impacts

    Enter or view potential impacts on cost, schedule, and drawings, making it easier to gauge the importance of each request and prioritize responses.

  • Link to Other Documentation

    Attach documents such as drawings, models, contracts, or other items to the RFI for reference.


A request for information (RFI) in construction is essentially a question. Using a formal RFI process, stakeholders such as contractors or trades can ask for clarification about a particular aspect of the project, such as design drawings, measurements, or contract terms.

Any involved party can submit an RFI, but requests are most often made by contractors and subcontractors seeking clarification about project details. For example, when a contractor faces unexpected challenges or has questions about drawings or specifications, they can create an RFI with a query directed to the designer, who responds with the needed information.

By creating a digital repository for every RFI on a project, ProjectSight allows teams to keep all their requests and responses in one place and ensure that the right people see the questions that are pertinent to them. Communication is clear, instant, and transparent, reducing the chance that RFIs will get lost or delayed—and helping to keep projects moving forward on time.

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