Information Technology Department

Information Technology Department

ProjectSight empowers IT teams to balance administration efficiency with security in a rapidly evolving landscape. Managing information in a single system lets you avoid the complex multi-platform access and formatting issues that plague many companies.

Multiple servers and logins

Working from separate databases can cause problems for administrators, superintendents, and project managers. Changes made to one server are not reflected in the others, and each server requires a new login protocol to keep the data secure. In the rapid-fire exchange of information needed for construction projects, this becomes a huge time-waster.

ProjectSight operates from a secure cloud-based server, meaning users only need to sign in once.

Maintaining up-to-date security

When contracts, signed legal forms, and work orders are kept on a single server, a ransomware or virus attack could be catastrophic to a project. To mitigate cybersecurity risks, you have to ensure the most up-to-date security measures are in place, including endpoint monitoring and data backups. It can take multiple cybersecurity professionals to keep the system secure while also making sure those who need it have proper access.

ProjectSight encrypts all data and distributes it across the network for optimal security.

Change resistance and training

There’s always an adjustment period when employees must adapt to new software and technology protocols. And without standardized software, employees constantly have to learn new skills to exchange information with teammates. This leads construction IT teams to spend a lot of time troubleshooting multiple problems for multiple systems.

ProjectSight can work alongside existing financial or ERP systems, making it easier for employees to adjust.

Sign in once

Accessing ProjectSight with Trimble Construction One requires a single login because all data is stored in the cloud. Once a user is authenticated, the cloud-based server grants seamless access to all needed project information. And with two-factor identification, accessing information is even more secure. 

Secure and share your data

With ProjectSight’s cloud-based storage, there is no single geographical server location containing your data. If your local server is hacked, you still have access to all your information via the cloud, making ransomware less of a threat. The system’s unique ability to assign security roles at the subcontractor level gives you maximum collaboration with minimum risk.

Integrate, don’t replace.

ProjectSight can integrate with your financial or ERP system, helping you avoid costly and time-consuming employee training for new software. When all employees are using the same system, it translates to fewer IT support tickets.

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