Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

Seeing the big picture is essential to good leadership. With real-time data in a unified system, you can make the best choices for the company with the most current and accurate information. 

Lack of real-time visibility

It’s impossible to make the best decisions without up-to-date information. Problems can fester and you can miss opportunities when your only updates come at once-a-week meetings.

ProjectSight keeps leadership in the loop with instant updates and notifications.

Confusing personalized formatting

Project managers often create their own spreadsheet formats, leading to confusion and discrepancies. Untangling the mess can lead to long and frustrating meetings with stakeholders.

ProjectSight formats data automatically, creating a single, easy-to-understand format for the entire project.

Data spread across computer systems

Storing data on local hardware means you have to collect important information from the project manager, IT department, and subcontractors to get a comprehensive report on a project — a time-consuming process. 

ProjectSight stores data in the cloud, so one sign-in gives you access to every department.

Oversee in real-time.

ProjectSight with Trimble Construction One gives company leaders real-time access to all ongoing projects. For example, if the price of lumber spikes, you can see the impact on the overall project budget, timelines for construction, and how it might affect subcontractors. You have the same access as the project manager in real-time.

Understand your projects.

With ProjectSight and Trimble Construction One, files are stored in a single shared database. Project managers need only enter the data as prompted and the software will plug it into an easy-to-understand, unified format.

Centralize your information.

Since Trimble Construction One is cloud-based, you will never have to track down information from multiple computers. Any internet-capable device will have access to the complete database. This not only saves time but ensures that you’re working with a complete picture of the project before you make any decisions. 

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