Construction Submittal Software to Optimize Your Workflow

Construction Submittal Software to Optimize Your Workflow

Send, review, and track submittals every step of the way.

Streamline communication with subcontractors and never miss an approval.

Ensure that the right people see and verify each submittal with ProjectSight’s easy tracking and alerting process. From initial submittals to multiple revisions, we have you covered.

  • Assign Submittals to Subcontractors

    Alert subcontractors to needed submittals. Include deadlines, locations, and descriptions of what is expected.

  • Incorporate Digital and Physical Samples

    Toggle between physical samples and digital documents within the system, tracking hands-on inspections and digital reviews from the same location. You can also attach files, such as photos or diagrams, for later review.

  • Keep Submittals Moving

    Pass submittals from person to person within ProjectSight to minimize downtime. For example, a project manager might send a request to a plumber, who submits specs about materials, alerting the owner and general contractor that they need to inspect and sign off on that choice.

  • Provide Detailed Visual Feedback

    Draw, add images for electronic stamps, and insert signatures directly into documents from within ProjectSight. Using this tool, you can annotate schematics and other images to communicate changes that would be difficult to describe in writing.

  • Track Every Aspect

    From a separate tracking tab, easily review the status and deadlines of all submittals in one place.


A submittal is a physical sample or document describing material that a construction team plans to use for a specific project. Usually, submittals are provided by a subcontractor to other parties on the construction team including general contractors, site owners, engineers, and architects

While submittals can cover almost any aspect of the project, a few examples include shop drawings, mockups, and physical samples of materials.

The three major types of submittals are based on the timeline of the project: 

  • Preconstruction submittals are submitted after the contract is signed, but before construction starts. They include items like certificates of insurance, risk management plans, and schedules.
  • Construction submittals happen during construction and are grouped into two subcategories: action and information. An action submittal requires signatures of the parties involved and is a method of quality control. These are submitted before the actual installation of the material. An informational submittal simply reports on how the installation went and does not require a signature.

Closeout submittals are submitted as the project is wrapping up and often include warranties, operation and maintenance information, and notification of any leftover construction material that might be needed to maintain the site in the future.

In any endeavor as complex as a construction project, accountability and management are important. Submittals allow owners and general contractors to verify the quality of materials and ensure that what the GC and subcontractors plan to build align with what was required in the Specifications issued for the project. They act as a safety net against the hazards of poor materials, insurance issues, and warranty claims—all of which could cause safety issues and cost site owners a lot of money.

ProjectSight’s suite of tools let you track and verify submittals as they move from one person to the next. In a large project, there could be dozens of submittals moving through the system at the same time, all requiring sign-off from various stakeholders along the way. ProjectSight creates a single chain of accountability for each submittal so that important information does not get lost.

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