Construction Purchase Orders Software and General Invoices

Construction Purchase Orders Software and General Invoices

See the status of purchase orders and invoices on a single pane of glass.

Create, manage, and integrate invoices and purchase orders into your total budget.

Manage all your expenses outside of the original contract from a single page. Each invoice or purchase order has its own subpage, making it easy to find all the relevant information.

  • Check PO and Invoice Status Instantly with Invoice Tracking

    Purchase orders and invoices are displayed as color coded tiles so you can easily track their current status. This feature also lets you filter items depending on their status to help you prioritize work.
  • Create, Track, and Approve Purchase Orders for Construction Projects

    Creating a general invoice allows you to note whether the item is a purchase order for supplies, an invoice that has been submitted by a subcontractor (or some other general expense), as well as approving purchase agreements.
  • Stay Connected with Construction Invoice Management

    Record the contact information of everyone involved in the transaction. This is particularly useful if there is a change in suppliers or subcontractors mid-project.
  • Include Tax and Item Information

    Note tax and item information on each invoice and purchase order to streamline accounting.
  • Link Invoices

    Attach comments and photos of paper invoices or receipts to invoices and purchase orders and link to other relevant information within ProjectSight. If the purchase of materials is contingent on the completion of a previous segment of the project, you can link to those details to make sure it is finished before buying material.


A construction purchase order is a document that confirms an order for material or services. It is sent from a buyer (usually a project manager) to a supplier or equipment renter.

The four types of purchase orders are:

  • Standard Purchase Orders [H3]
    A standard purchase order is a one-time purchase at the time it is needed. 
  • Planned Purchase Orders [H3]
    A planned purchase order is placed based on the project’s expected timeline. Due to potential changes in the timeline of construction projects, last-minute verification is needed to ensure that delivery happens at the right time.
  • Blanket Purchase Orders [H3]
    Blanket orders are general agreements with a supplier that during the course of the project, the contractor will go to them for supplies. 

Contract Purchase Orders [H3]
Contract purchase orders are similar to blanket purchase orders, but they apply to projects that are still in the planning phase. They include only the terms of supply, not specific products to be purchased.

A variation order (VO) is a written amendment to a contract that changes the scope of work. Once all parties have agreed upon the terms, a formal VO (also known as a change order) is prepared and signed.

A Schedule of Values (SOV) is a list of each task involved in a project, along with its cost. It’s the standard that contractors use to bill clients—a master receipt that has line items for every element of the project.

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