Construction Punch List Software for Effortless Closeout

Construction Punch Lists for Effortless Closeout

Create and manage punch items from the ProjectSight mobile app.

No More Construction Tape and Notepads

Pull out your mobile device, snap a photo, describe the issue, and assign it to the right stakeholder for resolution. The Punch Module in the ProjectSight mobile app allows you to view and manage a comprehensive list of all active and resolved punch items.

  • Organize Punch List Items

    Label punch items according to importance, assignee, location, and more. Filter your view of the list to find exactly what you need.

  • Add Images & Videos

    Attach photos, videos, or other documents to punch items to clearly communicate the issue.

  • Pin Punch Items to Drawings

    Attach punch items to drawings, making it easy to mark the exact location of the problem.and see which items are open or resolved from a drawing without even having to open the punch item with our color coded punch pins.

  • Assign Responsibility

    Designate who’s responsible for each punch item and monitor the status of their responses to ensure ownership and resolution of the issue. You can also send courtesy copies to other stakeholders.

  • Communicate Freely

    Add comments to a punch item to ask clarifying questions, provide status updates, and notify stakeholders when the issue is resolved.


A construction punch list includes all the issues or final work items needed to complete a project according to the contract. Typically, punch lists are assembled near the completion of a project as a result of inspection. Each listing, or punch item, describes a discrepancy between the owner’s specifications and the actual results. Most punch items involve minor corrections or repairs—such as changing out a plumbing fixture or fixing damage to a wall.

Typically, contractors and subcontractors create punch lists, but other stakeholders might add items they notice as they inspect the project. Everyone involved in the project—from trades to architects—needs to consult the punch list and take care of any items assigned to them.

A typical punch list includes requests to repair, move, add, or test items or equipment. A few examples could include:

  • Making sure doors and windows open and close correctly or that plumbing fixtures or HVAC systems work properly
  • Installing finishing-touch items that might have been missed, such as light fixtures and outlet covers
  • Repairing leaks, correcting improper installations, and replacing defective or damaged items
  • Clean-up tasks such as removing trash, tools, and leftover materials

A construction checklist includes items that fall short of a project’s specifications and those that are in compliance. When complete, a checklist demonstrates that project results fully comply with specifications. By contrast, a punch list only contains items that need attention—missing fixtures, improperly installed equipment, wrong paint colors, or other problems.

With ProjectSight, you can easily create and manage punch list items from your desktop or mobile device, streamlining communication and ensuring that the right people are notified when issues arise. Attach photos to punch items to illustrate issues, assign responsibility to particular stakeholders, add due dates, and note the importance of each item for better organization.

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