Construction Project Manager

Construction Project Manager

ProjectSight Single Source of Truth

Managing a construction project involves coordinating many stakeholders and documents. That’s why you need a single system that streamlines communication and makes crucial information easy to find. Trimble Construction One connects every aspect of a project — from budgeting to daily reports — so you can manage it all from a single source.

Multiple communication formats

Project managers are constantly bombarded with purchase orders, budgets, and change orders. These often come in the form of emails, texts, and phone calls, making it difficult to keep track of up-to-date information.

ProjectSight centralizes all communications through one system — meaning you’ll only have to check for updates in one place.

Lack of budget visibility

Sorting through a dozen spreadsheets means it’s easy to miss vendor discounts and price changes. And when the spreadsheets are unconnected, you can’t see comparisons unless you do them manually.

ProjectSight with Trimble Construction One links and updates all budget data, making changes easy to spot.

Missed communication and mistakes

It’s easy to miss important updates when information is spread between so many formats, costing time and money. And every time you have to transfer information manually, there’s a chance for human error. 

ProjectSight can generate contracts and other documents — all you have to do is enter the data.

Find everything you need in one place

ProjectSight connects POs, RFIs, change orders, daily reports, subcontracts, and other information in the cloud — and makes everything accessible from any device with permission. Upload a document from any connected device, from anywhere — including from the field with the ProjectSight mobile app — and those who need to see it will receive an instant notification.

Track real-time budget information from one location

Keeping budget information organized and connected means it’s easy to see changes over time. ProjectSight with Trimble Construction One lets you link budget spreadsheets, communications, and notes so everyone can see the state of the budget from a single source. With these tools, you’ll be able to anticipate potential budget issues before they reach crisis level.

Avoid costly errors and missed messages

With features like subcontract generation, you can avoid having to key in the information that is already in the system — you only need to plug in the details. ProjectSight also notifies anyone tagged about any change you make at the time you make it, so important updates won’t get lost.

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