Construction Inspection Software & Checklists for Enhanced Precision

Construction Inspection Software & Checklists for Enhanced Precision

Ensure a smooth inspection process.

Manage and Track On-The-Ground Inspections

Create, assign, and monitor checklists to keep up with your project’s status. Inspectors onsite can easily check items and leave notes as needed, providing real-time updates.

  • Contracts at a Glance

    Access a general overview for each contract that includes scope of work, notes, and a summary of the current budget. Change order totals are noted at the top of the page, along with the original value and revised value of the contract.

  • Sort and Search

    Easily search or organize contracts into groups according to type, status, rules, or other criteria. You can also create and manage contract invoices and track payments, with efficient and easy contract invoice retrieval.

  • Review Contract History

    Explore records of all activity related to each contract, including date and time stamp for each change order, who made the modification, and when it was approved.

  • Explore Schedule of Values

    Review SOVs with detailed entries that link directly to specifications. Easily add a note to any item in the SOV and notify other collaborators.

  • Easily Add Clarifications

    View all the contract’s clarifications on a detailed, interactive list. You can add clarifications to the list, along with needed notes or references, with a single form.

  • Track Change Orders

    See all approved change orders under a given contract, along with a cost and time summary. You can open and view individual change orders, create new ones, and seamlessly update and manage invoice alterations from COs.

  • Link Relevant Documents

    Connect your contract with all relevant digital documents—including scanned hard copies, PDFs, bids, plan sheets, and 3D models—with direct links for easy reference.

  • Automatic Invoice Management

    Built for ease-of-use and reducing manual entry and error, Automatic Invoice Management simplifies the financial oversight process.


A construction invoice is a form requesting payment for construction-related work, typically covering a pre-arranged period of time—usually one month.

Information on a construction invoice should include contact information for the contractor and customer, the date of issue and the date when payment is due, and line items for materials, labor, and other services along with quantities and a cost breakdown for each one.

Typically, contractors issue construction invoices at agreed-upon intervals, either time-based (once a month) or after reaching milestones, throughout the project. To invoice accurately, carefully track labor, materials, and other expenses. Include the payment terms, generally 30 days, along with details about any incentives for early payments or penalties for late payments.

A construction contract sets the terms and scope of work for a construction project. Typically, a good construction contract includes a detailed description of the project, the scope of work to be performed, a schedule with completion date, and cost estimate with payment schedule. The budget might be more rigid or more flexible depending on the type of project delivery method.

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