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ProjectSight allows you integrate workflows, remove inefficiencies and save time.

Our Mission

We are the leading provider of fully-integrated, owner and general contracting-centric, cloud-based construction software focused exclusively on meeting the needs of facility owners and construction professionals. The company’s research and development efforts are solely focused on clients' unique needs and challenges, and providing the lowest risk and fastest deployment option of any system on the market.

The future of Construction: The Constructible Process

The Constructible Process allows you to build with confidence and pride, using data so accurate—every person, phase, and process work together seamlessly—optimizing the entire plan, design, build, and operate lifecycle.

ProjectSight is part of the Constructible Process.

ProjectSight is part of the Constructible Process, offering smart connections to improve productivity between Owner and General Contractors and General Contractors and Sub Contractors

3 Cs of Construction

What is the Contructible Process?

The reality of connecting the owner and contractor, the field to the office, and the physical aspects of a project to the digital side of the project is here with the 3C’s of Construction:


By liberating data and breaking down silos, coordination and product management is improved across every touchpoint.


Managed Content ensures you’re working with the most up to date manufacturer’s content.


Precise geometries help uncover issues earlier. In constructible workflows, building data is used in the field to direct the construction process.

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