Capture Every Detail With Trimble’s Meeting Minutes Software

Capture Every Detail With Trimble’s Meeting Minutes Software

Organize your project meetings, notes, and assignments.

Streamline meetings and minimize wasted time with Insights from Meeting Minutes Software.

Create detailed plans to make the best possible use of meeting time. Alert participants about what is expected of them, materials they need to discuss, and other important information.

  • Document Information and Record of Project Meetings

    There’s space to enter and organize the details of every agenda item, from crew orientations to building supply holdups.

  • Assign Tasks

    Attach specific tasks to agenda items, notifying participants what’s required of them before the next meeting—helping you avoid ambiguity and manage expectations. Users can label each task as completed or in progress, preventing important responsibilities from slipping through the cracks.

  • Plan Ahead

    Create follow-up meetings right from the meeting minutes interface. Send out invites to those in attendance at the current meeting to catch scheduling conflicts early.

  • Increase the Scope

    Carry over agenda items from one meeting to the next if they are ongoing.

  • Track Attendance

    See who was in attendance for each meeting—so managers know who has what information.

  • Distribute Reports

    Automatically generate reports that contain all of the notes, agenda items, linked RFI or Submittal logs and tasks covered in a meeting.


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