ProjectSight has been upgraded - October 2017
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      ProjectSight has been upgraded – 

                     October 30, 2017


We are pleased to announce that ProjectSight has been upgraded. We’re excited to announce many new features, including automatic hyperlinking of drawings, printing drawings with annotations, new notifications, importing contacts from Excel, and a brand new API.

Automatic Hyperlinking


By popular demand, ProjectSight’s Drawing module now includes Automatic Hyperlinking. When you publish new drawings to your project, ProjectSight will now scan them for callouts. Any callouts which reference published drawing numbers will be automatically linked.

Automatic Hyperlinking dramatically speeds up the creation of a fully linked drawing set. Your team can now naturally navigate from drawing to drawing by simply clicking on the desired callout, rather than looking drawing numbers in the drawing register.

Printing Drawings with Annotations


Need a hard copy of your Drawings? When Printing Drawings, ProjectSight will now generate PDFs which include each Drawing’s Annotations. We’ve also added some new reports, complete with hyperlinks back to any records linked to your drawings.

If you need to customize which annotations are exported, ProjectSight’s Layers Panel has you covered. Simply filter the layers down to what you need to export, and the generated PDF will only include those annotations.

New Email Notifications


We are introducing the ability to receive notifications when new comments have been posted to a Team Conversation. This way your project  team won’t miss anything, while still keeping the conversation recorded in a central location: ProjectSight.

We’ve done the same for anyone Courtesy Copied on a record, who will now receive a notification. If needed, the recipient can easily reply to the email to create a comment in the record.

Finally, your entire project team will receive an email notification when a new set of drawings has been published by the project’s design coordinator.

Export & Import Contacts From Excel


To speed up the definition of Contacts in ProjectSight, we are introducing Export & Import functions which leverages Excel for quick creation of contact information. Simply export the Excel template, copy/paste contact information into the spreadsheet, bring it back into ProjectSight and you’re ready to go. Administrators may find this feature in the Companies & Contacts module within Portfolio or Project Settings.



This release of ProjectSight introduces an Application Programming Interface (API). It gives read and write access to all of your ProjectSight data, including Companies & Contacts, Folders & Files, Drawings & Drawing Sets, and Document Control & Field Management Records. The API is based on Representational State Transfer (REST) or RESTful web services.

Subscribers may request access to the ProjectSight API by contacting

For a complete list of enhancements and resolved defects, see the Readme doc.

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