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Kellen Blassingame

Kellen Blassingame

We are pleased to announce that ProjectSight has been upgraded.

This update includes mostly under-the-hood improvements, with a focus on making sure that ProjectSight is running as smoothly as possible.

In addition to quality improvements, you’ll find a handful of useful new features aimed at making ProjectSight even easier to use:

Assignment Badges

Assignment badges on tiles let you know whenever you have an open assignment on one or more records underneath a tile.

Synchronization Improvements

Synchronization performance of the ProjectSight Mobile for iPad application has been dramatically improved, so you can spend less time syncing and more time building.

Don’t have ProjectSight Mobile yet? Grab it here.

The Sample Project is Now Optional

The Sample Project is a great tool for learning how to use ProjectSight, but we understand that it’s not always needed. When creating a new Portfolio, you can now choose to not include the Sample Project.

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