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ProjectSight Mobile 2.0, a Central Hub for All Your Project Data

Ensure Design & Build Accuracy via Mobile Device

How do you effectively manage a construction project? By being on-site where the construction is happening. Managing a project on-site allows you to preemptively catch and resolve issues as they occur and, importantly, before they can have budget or schedule impacts. When you don’t manage the project from the site, you become reactive to issues after they have already occurred.
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With our 2.0 release to mobile, we have made a significant stride towards enabling our customers to achieve their business outcomes. This release is a part of our broader goal to foster insight and accountability to project progression, supporting the safe and accurate delivery of projects on time.

Mobile 2.0 Release Milestone

This release is a major milestone for our mobile app. We now support access to all the required construction and design information needed for our field users on any device to ensure an accurate build.

With this release, our customers can pull up the critical design information to ensure what is being built meets the design intent on both tablets and phones. Additionally, users may confidently and accurately answer subcontractor questions from the site without returning to the job trailer for the information needed.

ProjectSight Mobile 2

Construction sites are a complex environment, and decisions made in real-time can significantly impact the delivery of the project. With this release, our customers can pull out their phones and now access all the information required to make the right decision.

 Here’s what you can do:

  1. View all project specifications and spec sections on any device from the site
  2. Keyword search to quickly and easily find the required content on the spec document 
  3. View records and files that have been linked to that Spec Section 
  4. Ensure you are viewing the most up-to-date information
ProjectSight Mobile

Value Proposition

Remember, technology maximizes the likelihood that a project is built correctly, and mobile is a big part of that process. Less paper, fewer emails, simplified documentation, and automated reporting connected to project controls data are the future of our industry.

So, remove the barriers that restrict data flow and invest in a mobile solution that connects all your project data under one powerful platform—whether you’re in the office, in the field, or on the road.

Take the first step and go mobile.

Download the ProjectSight Mobile app today!

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