Prolog is a configurable construction project management solution for the contractor market bringing together office and field management, collaboration, cost control and purchasing. By using Prolog to monitor and control projects, you will have the confidence that all project are performing on-time and delivered on-budget, with quality.

Field Management

  • Closeout logs
  • Employee tracking
  • Daily work journals
  • Notices to comply
  • Punch lists
  • Safety notices
  • Mobile apps for field workers
  • Online/offline access

Document Control

  • Drawings and specifications
  • HotLists
  • Dunning letters
  • Meeting minutes
  • Requests for information
  • Submittal packages

Budget and Cost

  • Budgets, costs, commitments
  • Contracts
  • Change orders, potential CO
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Invoices and payments


  • Vendor management
  • Bid packages and analysis
  • Bid awards and communications
  • Buyout items and groups
  • Contract attachments

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