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7 Habits of Highly Effective-Project Teams Contractors Edition

7 Habits of Highly Effective Project Teams: Contractors Edition

Top General Contractors deliver world-class facilities by hiring top talent, building effective project teams and improving productivity which, in return, drives increased construction productivity and competitive advantage. Yet, the steps to achieve and maintain a thriving organization are a little … Read More

What Exactly is Agile Construction Project Management and What are its Implications on Construction Projects?

Agile project management is quickly becoming the norm across different industries. It is a management approach that breaks a project into multiple smaller stages. The agile projects involve continuous collaboration between stakeholders to improve and iterate a project at each … Read More

construction design and management software

4 Ways to Improve the Design and Construction Productivity by Adopting Construction Management Software

Here’s how you can improve the design and construction productivity of your construction projects using construction management software.  … Read More

Construction Workflows

4 Construction Workflow Strategies to Adopt

Why You Should Always Use Construction Management Software for Your Project.
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Alternatives to Procore

Top Alternatives to Procore

When evaluating the myriad of alternatives to leading cloud-based solutions for construction project management, it is important to consider 5 key attributes that will help you choose the best solution for your project or organization. … Read More

Construction Guys

6 Benefits of Using Construction Management Software for Commercial Purposes

Construction management softwares are incredibly useful to businesses in the construction industry. These softwares provide construction companies with a more orderly and organized method for communicating plans, scheduling activities, and making decisions. More and more companies are opting to use … Read More